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Mercury captivated audiences across the Asia Pacific for the past decade, developing a reputation as having the ‘Fastest Fire in the East’. With a fusion of martial arts and modern freeform movement, Mercury does sacred dance, twirling single and double staffs, clubs and chains in fire and ultra violet light, fire eating and breathing, with fantastic costumes, astonishing audiences, raising energy and creating mystique and magic in both clubs and 
outdoor environments.

Raised as a child in the Asia Pacific and proficient in martial arts, Brett has devised a simple and easy to learn form of fire dancing. Elements include the breath and it's seasons, feel and flow, anchoring, giving and receiving, raising energy and power postures. This journey can take you as deep as you dare.

Beginner's workshops commencing soon. Contact us now to lodge your interest.






"You can be happy no matter what the circumstances... Deciding to be happy can even save your life... Your happiness is a great contribution to Peace.
- Robert Muller - Taken from his just re-released book "Most of All They Taught Me Happiness"