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Born in 1952, Brian Keats grew up on an asbestos mine in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). As a 3 year old with his parents he travelled from Rhodesia to Scotland and back in a bus, surviving two crossings of the Sahara desert and an ambush in the Eritrean highlands. He left the country after finishing school and spent many years travelling and hitchhiking around Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and SE Asia. In 1974 whilst living on a beach in Goa, India he was inspired by the beautiful sunrises, sunsets and winter skies and began teaching himself the constellations. In 1976 he flew from Bali to Darwin to arrive in Australia for the first time. He then became inspired by the “back to the land and self sufficiency” movement and was determined to buy some land after he had “got a bit more travelling out of his system”. The next two years saw him travelling in Central and South America cycling across the States and back to Australia via Europe and SE Asia. Back home in Australia he then set about earning the money to buy land by operating computers which was his original trade. Organic farming, Permaculture and house building were the next steps on the journey and then in 1984 found his way into Biodynamics and Anthroposophy. He became one of the founding members of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia and began publishing in 1987 with the first edition of the Antipodean Astro Calendar and then in 1990 an additional career began as a Mathematics and Science teacher in Steiner High Schools. 1996 saw him start his journey as a peripatetic, a wandering teacher who has since taught across Australia, USA, Canada, England and Japan.

Brian’s interests range from Pythagoras to alchemy to weather forecasting with specialist areas in Astronomy, Greek and Aboriginal night sky mythology, Biodynamics and the science of the spirit.

His publishings include:
  • Antipodean Astro Calendar (annually since 1987);
  • Northern Hemisphere Astro Calendar (annually);
  • Moon Planting Guide (annually);
  • Biodynamic Growing Guide;
  • Betwixt Heaven & Earth.

He now lives with his wife Sandra in Mullumbimby.

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