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dancing the divine
Dancing the Divine is a journey where women come to know themselves deeply as the source of love they really are and experience their full and radiant power, sexuality, divine beauty and orgasmic bliss.

Since 2002 it has been collaboratively run by a team of women from around the world who dedicate their love, hearts and time to the re-emergence of the divine feminine onto the planet and to bring men and women together in love and peace, singing and dancing as the gods and goddesses we truly are.
Dancing the Divine guides women home to ourselves as divine beings of love, and to our heart’s deepest desire - to share love and have it received.
This experience deeply heals and nourishes the sacred feminine heart in all women, and simultaneously heals the collective rift between the masculine and the feminine in the world around us.

The Dancing the Divine journey unfolds in a variety of formats: weekend workshops, 2 month courses, week long retreats, individual sessions and more. Whilst undertaken by women, these journeys which have been specifically designed to benefit both men and women.

The Course is guided by Roxanna Minnona, mentored by Shantam Nityama, and assisted by a team initiated Temple dancers. It is held at the Living Essence Centre over 4 weekends a fortnight apart, followed by a week long residential retreat in the Blue Mountains and concluded with an evening dinner a week later.
The retreat includes the ‘Divine Offering’ on the Saturday evening and an Integration workshop for the women and their guests on the Sunday.  The loved ones of each of the women participating are invited to the final phase into this sacred women’s space to receive the gift of their journey, which creates an integration experience for the women as well as for their loved ones.
 Roxanna Minnona - Facilitator
roxanna Minnona Dancing the divineByron Bay based Roxanna Minnona created Dancing the Divine in 2002 and has been weaving the Global sister web ever since - facilitating in the UK, USA, Europe, South Africa and Australia, mentored by Tantra Master Shantam Nityama.

Her life’s work is to re-awaken where we have gone to sleep in ourselves and to inspire with all her heart and soul to step up and claim our natural inheritance - our orgasmic Bliss and love. She is passionate about shedding light on the insanity that we have accepted as normal and where we suffer unquestioningly, transmuting this into love.

After 6 years of facilitating this work in Australia, USA, Europe, Africa & the UK, Roxy has collaborated with a group of women who are deeply devoted to birthing the new paradigm on this planet.
Wendy Phillis Dancing the Divine
Wendy Phillis is the mother, passionate about bringing women home to themselves, nourishing women’s connection/community by utilizing feminine intuition, love & innate power to birth & mother. She has over 20 years experience in creating and serving transformational processes, and intuitive guidance.
Claudine Dancing the DivineClaudine von Niederhausern is trained as a shiatsu practitioner & in the Tao of the 5 elements. A shaman of the natural world exploring the spaces both within and without, she has extensively studied the workings of the’ Super Ego’ and the defense mechanisms holding us our old paradigms.
Trudy Johnston dancing the DivineTrudy Johnston loves to ‘feed and nurture the feminine’ and build greater awareness of love and connectedness on the planet. With a thriving PR agency for artists and visionaries and a busy aromatic kitchen, she infuses both her own and other’s creations with a sense of heart and soul, helping to bridge the spiritual and the mainstream with vitality, relevance and understanding.  She creates a feast for the senses.

"Within a duality reality you empower what you oppose."
- Dean Fraser -