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World Traveler and Spiritual Initiate. Born Trevor Morris Davis in Bendigo  Victoria 1950, Taurean on the cusp of Gemini with lots of Venusian energy, and a fair splash of luck and humour.

Educated through to university on scholarships with degrees in Chemical Engineering, Sound Studio Engineering, Music Composition, Arts and Teaching, with further studies is cosmology and a commitment to Community Development. Tediji is an accomplished Herbal Specialist focusing on the Golden Age range of Herbal products. Tediji is a delightful speaker, researcher and demonstrator in health, healing and spiritual matters.

"You can be happy no matter what the circumstances... Deciding to be happy can even save your life... Your happiness is a great contribution to Peace.
- Robert Muller - Taken from his just re-released book "Most of All They Taught Me Happiness"