Saul Smith

Soul Drummer

Soul Drummer offers you the chance to bring rhythm and a sense of community into your life. These dynamic workshops are uplifting, engaging and fun. Learn powerful traditional rhythms whilst creating music with great people!

We have four locations around Sydney and the workshops generally run as 8 week courses that are on a once a week basis. Learn multi-part, traditional African rhythms and songs, as well as technique, body percussion, warm up exercises and jamming. Then come and perform at the ‘Rhythm Night’ end of term community performance.


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About Saul:



Saul has been inspired by the power of rhythm from an early age. As a highly experienced drum and percussion performer, workshop facilitator and teacher, Saul seeks to share his immense passion for music, drumming and life.

At the age of 12 he started playing drum kit and within a few years was performing to audiences around Australia with singer/songwriter Ben Lee (who went on to win 5 Aria awards in 2006). After recording an album on the Beastie Boys' record label at the age of 18, Saul toured extensively throughout Australia, U.S.A and Japan.

Whilst playing with various local bands in Australia, Saul further developed his knowledge of music and drumming with studies at the Australian Institute of Music. It was during this time that he underwent a deeper training in composition and performance and broadened his knowledge and playing ability in different styles of music. He spent this time developing as a drum and percussion performer alongside numerous different groups and talented musicians.

Saul continued his education at Sydney University where he studied music, social work, sociology and cultural anthropology. Here he developed his communication skills and ability to work with groups.


It was a natural progression that led Saul to start facilitating drumming and music workshops. Over the years he has had significant experience in running corporate and community drumming workshops as well as working with disadvantaged youth, people with disabilities and children.


Saul's passion for drumming and percussion has led him to numerous international journeys. Through these experiences he has had the privilege of immersing himself and studying traditional rhythms and cultures. As well as gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of drumming and music for healing, ritual, celebration and creating communities. His travels have taken him to Ghana and Mali (West Africa), South Africa, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Cuba, U.S.A, Europe, Japan and all around Australia. In these places he has been able to develop his knowledge and skills as a teacher and performer.

Saul is a natural and passionate facilitator, performer and teacher and has the ability to bring out the best in people. In addition to running Soul Drummer workshops and tuition, he is currently performing with various bands in Australia. He has been involved in numerous projects and is currently available for drums and percussion performance, recording and session work.

"There will be many things that will distract you and challenge you; but you are vital for holding the energy field that stabilizes the planet. As you practice the principles of peace and bring forth this loving vibration into the world, you become the  change you wish to experience in the world. By staying in a loving, peaceful energy field, you have the ability to assist Earth and your species in being stable and coming through the challenges of transition."