Soulore Solaris E-mail
Soulore Solaris is a visionary artist and researcher of the mysteries of the occult traditions.  He has travelled extensively around the world on a quest to understand the mysteries of our time.  Born in Australia he has received many teachings from Australian aboriginals including an understanding of our cosmic origins, and ancestoral lineage in the stars.  Soulore has been an experiential researcher of the Mayan Calendar, living by its timing codes and philosophies for the past 11 years. His knowledge comes from an experiential perspective, his celtic tradition has inspired deep interest in shamanic lore, cosmic science and spiritual reality.  This has been enhanced though Australian, North American and Amazonic indigenous teachings. 
"The idea of intelligence is going from the very narrow view that it's just human to something that's much more generally found in life."
- Anthony Trewavas (plant biochemist)