Breathing for Modern Times E-mail
 Breathing for Modern Times

by Catherine Broue


Stress = (fast) breathing = illness
Yoga = (slow) breathing = wellness

Why is the way we breathe so important to every system in our body?

Why are we getting it wrong in modern life?

How does yoga work…?

Unhealthy breathing habits can predispose us to problems in a wide range of (seemingly) unrelated areas, including:

  • Dental problems
  • Asthma
  • Airway allergies & sleep obstructive disorders
  • Our size & shape (growth) is influenced by the way we breathe
  • Our ability to concentrate & avoid anxiety is a consequence of the way we breathe

Yoga works regardless of whether we understand it or not. Understanding how it works will heighten the benefits of practice.

Buteyko’s description of the consequences of hyperventilation as a response stress is applicable to most common modern diseases in the West.

An illustrated, fun, assessable history of breathing; including the dos and don’ts with vinyasa style yoga & techniques to help promote slow breathing & switch into the yin or restorative breath pattern.       



"Within a duality reality you empower what you oppose."
- Dean Fraser -