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Kylie WillowsKylie Willows is a Laughter Yoga Teacher internationally certified by Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder of laughter yoga worldwide. 

Kylie believes that laughter yoga is about getting in touch with your natural and healthy desire to laugh freely and to express joy. Kylie is passionate about holistic healthcare and has been practicing and studying traditional yoga for many years. She decided to become a laughter leader and teacher after experiencing first hand laughter yoga’s magical ability to allow laughter to flow freely, to release stress and to enable one to live in the moment. Kylie aims to create a safe and nurturing environment for people to express themselves freely and comfortably.



"What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives. If we see only the worst, it destroys our capacity to do something. If we remember those times and places - and there are so many - where people have behaved magnificently, this gives us the energy to act, and at least the possibility of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction."

- Thich Nhat Hanh -