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The Chapel Perilous dome returns to Subsonic for another rockin' raucous three days of deliciousness. Produced by Living Essence, you know to expect something extra special.. Workshops by day heat up into a storming, conscious, sexed up, energy raising party vibe with Soul Drummer, Medicine Rhythm and Kundalini dance, before cutting loose a program of kickin' breaks, Glitch hop, Ghetto funk, Electro swing and deep tribal house... come midnight we take the roof off with some of NSW''s finest Psychedelic dance DJs... supported by killer visuals courtesy of Big Ted, Shuffle Media and the inimitable VJ Damage....

Be sure to stop in for a groove Sunday morning... taking you into your final day is the master of psychedelic groove...the inimitable Terra Nine!


Sirius Music ~ Devotional Music for the Psychedelic Generation...

Sirius Music-Profile-PicSirius Music is a new progressive trance project from Michael Westcot aka Terra Nine, marking a new musical odyssey into powerful, yet simple grace and rhythm.

Powerful beats to move the heart as well as the body - incorporating real instrumentation combined with hypnotic digital soundscapes and moving imagery to excite and inspire.

Sirius Music is made up of Michael Westcot on viola, keyboards, computer and devices and Intelliki providing extraordinary visuals.

Freshly returned from a successful tour of Europe, Sirius Music is primed and ready to rock down under - look out Subsonic!




Mr. Ma-jigim-mo

Mr-MajiggimoMr Majiggimo comprises Sydney DJ Nigel Dadswell and percussionist Mark Lucchinelli. Together they bring a rich and rhythmic sound with roots in various cultures  and influences thier beats flow from tribal, gypsy and eastern lands amalgamating with trancey, ecclectic directions. Nigel has DJ'd at Sydney Festival and for Cirque du Soleau. Mark is a member of the band Derkajam and the founder of CNUT (Collective Newtown Unsigned Talent). They are both members of underground sydney crew Trash Mansion.







Connecter: TallBeat vs Soul Drummer

'Connecter' was born at last years' Subsonic festival through Synchronicity. Two friends, Francesco (Dj TallBeat) and Saul Smith (Soul Drummer), joined forces for a jam session, fusing raw african percussion and live,  tribal tech grooves. Since then they have been performing as a collective  at warehouse events and other festivals. They are ready to bring their dynamic live show to the dance floor and connect people with the power of tribal fusion...

Mr. Kiffsta

Ritchie Jay




Daheen image



The Daheen psytrance experience is something to behold. He has aimed to create a distinctive style, fusing sounds and melodies to tell a story or convey a concept, as well as providing a stomping good dance. He incorporates many samples from the real world, especially animal sounds... His unique live set has to be seen to be believed, providing a visual theatrical element which believe it or not features animals playing guitar! Incorporating different masks and costumes to go with each differently themed track, the Daheen live psy set is extremely entertaining, comical, bizarre, and a great dance. Daheen has been showcasing his live performance up and down the east coast of Australia as well as recent performances in the UK and on the European festival circuit.




The Legendary Dan Coy

Dan-Coy-UNHCR-shot web


Producing founder of the legendary Sydney act Ju Ju Space Jazz, Dan Coy will be cooking up a spankin' serve of mashed-up international ghetto party booty-bass trap pop is going to BUST YOU UP! Supported by urban headwarp VJ Big Ted, brace yourself to laugh at the delicious absurdity of it all. costume it up... live it large..
Yeah baby!!!




Phatt Blastahhh!!!*

Winding up the wobble and bumping up the bass. This guy will get a multi genre dance floor workout into gear. With electro swing, glitch hop and ghetto funk from all corners of the globe.. Mr Blastahhh will move your ass fartha!
*May contain traces of nuts


Wadja Want

Damage Control: Sofire vs Compressor

Ozzy Tribeadelic



SUNDAY Terra-Nine-Promo-Pic-1

THE unmissable act of the festival... the master of psychedelic groove...the inimitable Terra Nine! You gunna wanna boogie with the summer sun for this one...


aka Michael Westcot, combines live electric viola with lush organic synths and funky electronic beats in a sweeping, panoramic musical vision. A distinctly organic and free form sound is the result, with an aural palette ranging from chilled ambience to psychedelic breaks, trance and beyond...

The last year has seen the release of a new album, Breathe, on Canadian label Altar Records - marking a fresh foray into psychedelic chill and IDM… featuring the sublime vocals of Aviatrix, as well as ambient luminary Squazoid (Mandala Records) and chillgressive maestro Astropilot (Altar Records) on remix duties.




Francesco Santangelo a.k.a. Tall Beat has mastered the Arts of Ableton's Touch and Live. Moving quietly amongst some of the best houseparties in Sydney, Tallbeat's exceptionally creative mixing and blending takes party people on a Deep deep tribal house vibe, bringing in fat beats and lushious melodies when you least expect it.
Yo Tallbeat! Let's get this party started!




Luscious Sunrise sounds from...

Galaktic and Lovechild


Ant Nebula: Vento Noctorno




tonyTony Funiciello
Shuffle Media

Shuffle Media founder, interactive multimedia producer and art director, Tony Funicuiello  specialises in integrate digital art and interactive technologies. Having recently finished a tour with the Pottbelleez, Tony lends his considerable expertise and artistic prowess to a visual feast at Chapel Perilous...







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