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As dusk set in, the Zoo cuts loose and all creatures weird and wonderful come out to play... each Cabaret night stretches into itself with smooth feel good sounds to get your shimmy warmed up before the sensory onslaught that is Sideshow Sonic! This rude and hilarious degustation of carnival splendor runs 8:30 - 11:30pm, before two outageous bands cherry picked to blow your gourd show you what festival life is all about...


Not to be out done, Friday night morphs into a hosted party event by NOISY CHICKEN...

Saturday late night gets even more raucous with an ANIMAL ONESIE Party!
Hosted by the very dangerous Thump Daddy! Featuring Psychedelic Jelly Fish (NZ), and scrumptiously sexy performances by Anastasia, Nina Star, Serina Paradise, Zarzee Van Wild, Matt Eaton, Dripping with Honey, and Stupid! (half of the comedy duo formerly known as Stinky and Stupid...). It's going to be stupidly sexy good fun.. don't miss it!

Casino Rumblers

Formed late 2000/early 2001, The Casino Rumblers serve up a cocktail of Punk, Psychobilly, Swing, Ska and good ol' Rock and Roll.
Lead by the ever charismatic and dynamic frontman Dave Bean, the Rumblers' were hand picked and recruited to create this unique and highly energetic musical feast. A wild and energetic spectacle of ferocious power, coupled with a unique fusion and twist of styles.
They just fuckin' rock alright.. check 'em out!



Sentropic promoydney's arbiters of organic live electronica present a finely crafted blend of electronic groove and acoustic technique that swings from ambient and avant-garde soundscapes to stomping dance floor anthems. They draw from electronic music styles such as house, drum'n'bass, breaks and dub, and have been likened to artists such as The Necks, Medeski Martin and Wood, Matthew Herbert and Battles. Noice!

Leisure Bandits


Planet JumperPlanet Jumper
Melbourne, Australia

Planet Jumper is the production duo Steve Ford and Drew Schapper. Collaborating with like minded producers and musicians their frenetic, funk fuelled, four on the floor, hyper - percussive, live remix sets bedazzle!


Travelaz-bsme1Hailing from a variety of nationalities and influences, Travelaz is an eclectic 7 piece act delivering mind-blowing versions of emblematic trip hop tracks, with dub and latin influences and a reggae tip.
Sunday arvo for your listening pleasure...


Derkajam are one dynamic duo, an accomplished roots/rock/acoustic act based in Newtown Sydney who captivate audiences with powerful and soaring lyrics, pumping percussion and tight harmonies. Mark on percussion is a freak of rythm and syncopation while Jade on the guitar wows audiences with subtle and surprising dexterity.

Alotta Presha

Alotta-PreshaSixteen-armed nocturnal grrr-oove beast ‘Alotta Presha’ is Wollongong’s very own reggae/dub juggernaut. With the formulaic combo of soaring poetic based lyricism floating atop deep bass and ground-shaking rhythms, Alotta Presha is renowned for its sweaty dance pits and big time party starting.

Mr. Bamboo

Mr. BambooHighly theatrical, raucously fun and quite unpredictable, The Sounds of Mr Bamboo could be described as gypsy swing meets Tom Waits meets Frank Zappa meets Ween blended into an awe inspiring dacquiri to form this amusing skank/jazz/pop trio that is sweet, fulfilling , but drunk and eventually sour. Made up of Violin, Double Bass and loops, Guitar and sounds, and vocals, Mr bamboo produce a humorous sound that combines acoustic instruments with Lo Fi electronics.

Lyle Maloney


Dripping with Honey

Presenting trippy belly @ The Animal Onesies party Saturday late in the Tantric Turtle Cabaret...

honeyVclub1webHoney is one of Sydney's unique belly dancer's and is known for her own style of belly fusion, which she calls 'Exotic Belly Dance'.

Exotic Belly is a fusion of....Belly dance, Tribal Belly dance, Exotic/Burlesque, Hawaiian/Polynesian Hula, Dancehall & anything she has picked up and learned along the years of her dancing career. Honey's an extraordinary talent, and sexy as all get out to boot! Don't miss her show!


Jo May
Early Saturday nite in the Tantric Turtle Cabaret...

Jo-Mayweb"The best street show I have seen."
- Steven Berkoff.
Jeremy Farquar, butler to the incredibly powerful, is ready to tell some tales. The twisted butler brings you 'The Fool, the cow and the art of corruption'.
Truly unique. Whistle blowing wisdom. Farquar is a Fool.
Everything is an analogy. Nothing is as it seems.
Pearls of wisdom fall gently from the darkenned mouth of this cream faced
loon, using breath taking circus skill to share his truths.
Cabaret brilliance.
"Challenging, inspirational theatre" Sydney Morning Herald



Forgiveness doesn't make the other person right, it makes you free.
      - Stormie Omartian -