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For December 7 - 9th 2012 ar Riverwood Downs in the beautiful surrounds of Barrington Tops, Living Essence has brought together the most forward thinking tribes and flavours of thought in the 21st century for your exploration and enjoyment at the 2012 Subsonic Music Festival




Ultraculture Rising
with Rak Razam

In the 1960s the term counter-culture defined a generation of seekers counter to the mainstream paradigm, but in these r-evolutionary times a global "ultraculture" is emerging to anchor a more unified way of living in a spiritual, interdependent world. How can we use the DIY punk activism of the Occupy movement with the cosmic spiritual unfolding of the entheogenic community to anchor a generation of unified spiritual warriors? How can we practically use these skills to live sustainably and heal the wounds of history? How can we nurture our full potential as spiritual warriors, using technology to unite, spirit to guide, and dharma to be our action in the world? How can we not?




Love Sex Intelligenceweb


Love, Sex Intelligence
with Sobey Wing

Love Sex Intelligence is a meme of building community dialogue around what is going on with our collective approach to love, relationships, sexually connected to our spiritual evolution. This thread of community discussion has been kept alive for over a decade in Vancouver's dance community and spreading globally. It is going to be demonstrated at Subsonic Festival as a seed to plant in ones own community of friends. In an hour we will map the territory of love and sex and apply our collective intelligence to how we can make life bloom from the tests of love. Bring a notebook or piece of paper and pen if you want to capture an essence of this culture lab to take home.





Know your World: Bush Tucker
with Jake Cassar

Jake Cassar has been exploring the foods and medicines found in natural environments, both urban and rural in the NSW area for over a decade. Returning from two weeks of living on nothing but bush tucker, Jake presents a fascinating interactive presentation, inviting you to explore, taste and learn about the native flora in the Barrington Tops area. Not to be missed!





The Experience of Deep Ecology
with John Seed

Human identity exists at the intersection of the ancient cycles of air, water and soil. In spite of the pervasive illusion of separation, in reality no separation is possible between nature and ourselves. Arne Naess, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Oslo University who coined the term "deep ecology", suggested that what's needed are community therapies "healing our relations to the widest community, that of all living beings". By acknowledging our interconnectedness we invite the spontaneous healing of the psyche. In John Seed's workshops we participate in a series of processes and rituals informed by those used by indigenous peoples throughout time. This hour allows us a taste of some of these processes.


Kundi-Tantra Dance
with Tara Fischer and Sobey Wing

Shiva ShaktiThis is an evening of empowerment in your heart and sexual energy. Love and sexual energy are your divine birthright – every man and every woman is a powerhouse of both forces.

The integration of these two energies can connect you to a more complete expression of your divine feminine and divine masculine, both internally and externally. 

KundiTantra is about reclaiming yourself as the centre of these innate forces, so that you can experience freedom internally and give up the external search.

Through dance, touch, awareness, breathwork, sound and sharing we offer you the opportunity to journey into your powerful selves and journey deeply with each other.

During the evening we will explore building up sexual energy and feeling in the body, creating healthy boundaries, being able to express who you are, celebrating the divine gift of your life and sharing your gifts with others.



Medicine Rhythms
with Natali Joscelyne and Josh Oshlack

Natali Joscelyne and Josh Oshlack present a Medicine Rhythms conscious dance session. Are you ready to feel the natural magnetism between everyone and every event around you? Are you ready to lose yourself to music and rhythm? Through an energy wave of music and movement, we will delve faithfully into freedom, chaos, clarity, creativity and sensuality. Bringing together influences from Peruvian Shamanic practices, African rhythm, guidance from Koori ancestors working with didgeridoo for opening, clearing and vibratory love.









2012 Redub
with Rak Razam

Is there a 'strange attractor' at the end of time that the Mayans encoded in their calendar, scheduled to end on Dec 21st, 2012? Should we prepare for the apocalypse, or awakening? Like a cosmic season, are we entering the summer of the soul, the tide of galactic history dovetailing with the celestial grand orbit of our solar system? Learn about solar flares, magnetars and cosmic rays coming from both galactic and universal sources that are bombarding our planet and causing severe earth changes from earthquakes to imminent pole shift. What IS 2012 all about as a meme – and what do we do with it in 2013?




Rise of the Sacred Feminine
with Beata Alfoldi-Askew

There is a monumental movement around the world centering on the rise of the Sacred Feminine and with it a return to earth-centred practices and living.

This movement represents a recognition and a reclaiming of the other half of our sacred nature ~ the feminine. It directs us into our hearts, our souls, and into the intuitive use of the mind. A place where relatedness and caring for all sentient beings on this earth; our mother, is of paramount importance. It is a movement towards feeling, embodied wisdom, beauty, empathy and compassion.

This impulse, when balanced with the sacred masculine qualities of courage, healthy assertion, focused will, structure, strength, balance and perseverance, result in a deep journey towards soul-centred wholeness.

The Rise of the Sacred Feminine is a collective journey that is inviting each of us to bring forth our gifts to this world. A world that so desperately needs spiritually mature men and women, who care deeply enough to ignite a fire of love and fearless compassion that transforms and awakens our collective consciousness at this important time in history.





Honouring our Pain for the World
with John Seed

We live in a culture where there is a profound denial of the pain that many of us feel at seeing the natural world being abused and destroyed.
If we fail to suppress these feelings we risk being perceived as weak, over-sensitive, unstable. Yet feelings of anguish, rage and terror are part of our intelligence, an indication that something isn't right. Thoughts alone can't motivate us. Without the passion provided by feelings we may "know" that something's wrong but remain unmoved, or paralysed by the sense that "its too late" or "what can one person do anyway?" These feelings need to be validated and recognised as a valid signal so that they may empower us to take effective action. This discussion will take place in an exploratory context of Deep Ecology and nature conservation.

"Love does not consist in gazing into each other's eyes, but in looking together in the same direction."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (Aviator and author)