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For those who would like to find their inner Diamonds - to Live at their full potential by accessing Inner Peace | Inner Worth and ultimately their Inner Beauty - SHINE from within.

Sky Energetics empowers people to live at their full potential through Educational, Inspirational and Spiritual boutique Yog...a Classes | Retreats | Workshops | Events and 1:1 Therapy.

Sky Energetics - a modern day tribe for the unfolding of Inspiration | Passion | Celebration | Healing | Connection | Understanding and sharing of what truly makes us remarkable.

Various events at Sky Energetics propel you to unleash the unfolding of your love for being a strong, dynamic man or woman who can thrive in today's world with your unique feminine and masculine energy.

Increase Strength | Energy | Brain Power | Focus + Confidence.

Other benefits included a Deeper Inner Connection | Self-Love | Inner-Peace and the release of Toxins both physical and emotional.

Regular events bring together people who are concerned with deepening their relationship to the one that matters the most - themselves. To go deep, create a better connection within, discover their Inner Worth and what truly lies underneath the negative self talk so they too can shine their light on the world.

1:1 therapy is also available where Kinesiology | Mind Detox Therapy | Yoga | Meditation and other coaching techniques are incorporated to create powerful results across a broad spectrum of life issues including: reducing pain, anxiety, lack of confidence, low self-worth to eating disorders, physical illnesses and relationship problems. - Shift through the blocks that have been holding you back for so long.


  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher
  • Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Fitness Certificate IV
  • Fitness Certificate III
  • Professional Kinesiology Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Commerce

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"There will be many things that will distract you and challenge you; but you are vital for holding the energy field that stabilizes the planet. As you practice the principles of peace and bring forth this loving vibration into the world, you become the  change you wish to experience in the world. By staying in a loving, peaceful energy field, you have the ability to assist Earth and your species in being stable and coming through the challenges of transition."