Chapel Perilous returns to Subsonic for another rockin' raucous three days of deliciousness. Produced by Living Essence, you know to expect something extra special.. Workshops by day heat up into a storming, conscious, sexed up, energy raising party vibe. This year the Chapel is celebrating the progenitors of Australia's dance culture. Producing events, promoting new acts and artists, starting and driving underground labels and producing music that has blown minds for decades, these seasoned and inspirational djs know in their blood what makes festivals unforgettable. All for the love of a party, join us at Chapel Perilous for the celebration of a generation...


Opening ceremony yawns into Kundalini Dance energy with Living Essence mainstay Tara Fischer. Driving tribal vibrations cut loose a program of deep tribal house a techy tip opens a tour-de-force with 4 of Australia's most experienced touring djs. Supported by Multimedia maestro Nathan Garnett...


TallBeat and friends

After almost a decade of djing underground parties, festivals and various dance events, TallBeat's latest project is taking his production profile to the next level. Talented musicians Scradeley and Carlos de Leche on keys and percussion respecitively brings that lush tribal jungle house vibe to the next level. Lets get this party started!





Sean Candy

DJ Sean Candy based in Melbourne Australia, has for over 2 decades been a veteran of the electronic dance music scene, touring all over the world to diverse festivals, parties, clubs and other sorts of mad events such as Burning Man. The underground electronic/rave movement has taken radical shapes throughout this time, and it shows through the diversity of Sean's sets. Known for taking the party to the next level on the dance floor, DJ Sean Candy weaves chunky Techno, Tech-House, Electro with twisted funk infused bass grooves. Throughout these years, Sean has been a prolific producer of electronic dance beats with various projects and collaborations, including Slot Machine, Parasonix, Ganga Giri and as A.B. Didj/Oblivion with many releases on various labels including Edgecore, Psy Harmonics, Ceiba Records, Sacred Records and Transient Records.


Jet More

The originator of "Tuff Disco" on the decks, "Tokyo Ghetto Rockstar " Jet More spins an individual style hot buttered Dirty Disco and Electro-funk, blending an intoxicating mixture of house, Slut-funk and hard bang'n Electro.

Jet brings extensive experience as former resident DJ at Japan's longest and most respected Superclub "Pylon", where "Tuff Dirty Disco" sets injected a much needed sense of Funk and Disco fun into Techno.

Since his return to Australia, Jet has completed his third album "ELECTRICK GEISHA", a collection of Dirty Electro and Slut-Funk killers, including a rocking remix of "Pussy Control" by Prince. ( Jet More/Paul Kearny).

"A pioneering free spirit, he brings rock 'n' roll attitude to the glitter- ball world of dance music."



Ray Castle & Nick Taylor

MetaRay : The-Zeitgeister

Ray has been a maverick impresario of popular music since the late 60s. Deploying his genius to work a dance floor thru cross genre gear shifts, Ray Castle's pluralistic penchant encapsulates a quirky, funky, sexy-bass-driven fidget electro house booty tech. A groovilicious synthesis of smart-tickle - piquant dance music, segueing entertaining musical beatific narratives. For the discerning dance music aficionado…

More about Ray at http://www.raycastle.com/music.html.


Nick Taylor
Snake Thing / Reflecta / Rhthmystec / Prana

Highly respected DJ and producer Nick Taylor comes out of semi-retirement for a rare appearance. Known to anyone who knows the history of dance culture in Australia, Nick is one of the true pioneers of the dance music phenomenon in this country.

Nick started producing music in Japan in 1991 as Blissed with partner Tsuyoshi Suzuki. After relocating to London in 1993 they released the album Rite of Passage with Frankfurt label Pod Communications. They then changed their name to Prana...

In November 1995 Nick moved to Byron Bay to begin various collaborations including Reflecta, Rhythmystec and Parasonix, as well as his solo project Snake Thing. His sound has constantly evolved over the years, from trance, through drum and bass, to breaks, house and electro. Today his style is a reflection of this wide range of influences.

You don't want to miss this set...





Co-owner and Content Manager of Addictech.com and Addictech Records, Hypnotech has direct access to the leading artists and labels in upfront international underground electronic music. Focusing on booty warping bass heavy dancefloor transmissions, dedication to cultivating the finest in electronic music is obvious in every set. Becoming a fixture in the underground San Francisco circuit in 2000 and expanding from there to an international stage, Hypnotech has played an endless amount of clubs, outdoor festivals, and underground renegades with his hi fidelity sound.





Abel el Toro

Founding producer of the legendary Happy Valley parties through the 1990s Abel El Toro has proved to be a dance culture mainstay in the Sydney dance firmament.

Abel's ability to play a diverse range of music and mixing styles has seen him performing at both underground and large scale events around Australia and overseas. For Subsonic 2013, Abel will be cutting up a creamy selection of booty bass ghetto funk techno, with his very own flavour of dirty house licks and bitchin' breaks to get your Saturday night gurning proper!





A DJ of 30 years David Hickey has hosted radio shows in Sydney highlighting mashups & remixes. He was one of the first DJ's to pick up on digital mixing & hosting themed mixes (sound paintings) on the WWW. These mixes have been played on Ninja Tunes Solid Steel & ABC Radio National. Lately, with the backing of a number of international VJ producers he has turned to the audio visual world of VJ'ing. With exclusive video mashups & remixes, blending a visual journey of the last 30 years of music; mixing rock, old school hip hop & EDM with celluloid samples of film, TV, MTV music videos & found footage.




Batz vs Vertical Transport


Since joining forces around 4 years ago, Vertical Transport and Dj Batz have performed at Doof parties, clubs and radio stations Australia wide, smashing out their own unique brand of hard, dark Psychedelic Breaks. Originally spawning from Deep Space crew in Brisbane and now based in Sydney, this dynamic duo never fail to bring a whole new level of love, energy and power to the dance floor.

Get ready for an intergalactic adventure into the unknown depths of Deep Space.



Flow Theory

You're on the dance floor, not thinking, just dancing; everything has come together in one pure moment of coordination and connectivity. The sense of time becomes distorted. Time flies. Science calls this 'being in a state of flow'. It's Flow Theory.

Recently returned from his South African homeland where he headlined the Tswaing Crater Gathering, The Equinox Experience, and world-renowned Groovy Troopers, Flow Theory’s sound is a crisp fusion of minimalist and rhythmic progressive styles. The name is more than just a handle, it’s a way to explain a concept of being – aiming for and experiencing flow, enhanced by sound, texture, and environment.

You'll know his work when you find yourself on a dance floor, your whole being involved and your senses fully engaged. Time flies...





Melodic Psychedelic Trance with orchestral hints and lashings of jazz

Felix Greenlees, aka Terrafractyl was raised on a diet of classical music, opera and jazz. Trained as a Bassoon player, he started his musical career playing for professional orchestras and opera companies around Australia.

During the late 90’s Felix found his way to an outdoor Goa party in Tasmania, was completely captivated by the psychedelic music he heard there and couldn’t resist trying his hand at electronic music production. Since then, he has been weaving the threads of psytrance, jazz and classical music together, incorporating his love/addiction of piano and a new found addiction for building analogue synthesizers. This unique melding of styles quickly led him to become one of Australia’s most prominent electronic music performers.

Other projects include Mental Extensions and Hypnagog.




Lui Raptor

With over 15 years of DJing and event production experience, Lui Raptor plays a diverse and eclectic range of funky, twisted, deep and dirty grooves ranging from progressive house and trance through to tech-house and techno. On the frontline of Sydney's underground, Lui has been responsibly for touring and promoting some of the biggest underground acts whilst proactively incubating Australia's up and coming talent. Raptor brings something extra special to Chapel Perilous this Subsonic 2013.






Deck wizard, producer and sonic sorcerer, OZZY heads Tribeadelic, Australia's premier psy-trance party outfit and record label.

A Dj for many years with access to the magical music vaults of tribeadelic artists, Ozzy has played at festivals in Israel, Goa,Japan, Noumea The legendary Soulclipse festival in Turkey and of course many Australian parties big and small !

Now producing solo as "Liquid", Ozzy's debut album will be released in 2013 on Tribeadelic. Prepare for the freshest sounds from the melting pot of Melbourne, Australia.






Music is Raffi Lovechild's soul. A Sydney mainstay since 1987 and an original member of the T-Quest crew. He continues to fuel the dance community with luscious beats from classic soul and world music to deep tribal grooves. Join Raffi Lovechild Sunday morning, and immerse yourself in beautiful deep vibrations for your mind body and soul...





Matt Singmin

Future Sound of Yoga (dj set)

Matt is a Deep House / Tech House / Electronica DJ. As one half of the Future Sound of Yoga (www.futuresoundofyoga.com) Matt has played at festivals across Australia and abroad including Splendour in the Grass, The Playground Weekender, Peats Ridge Festival, The Phoenix Weekend, Uplift Festival, Bali Spirit Festival, Byron Spirit Festival and the Hawaii Spirit Festival.

In Sydney he has DJed at Radiance and was a resident at Wildlife Bondi. He is also the creative director behind "Night Creatures" - an alternative Halloween freak out, featuring DJs, Tantra, 5 Rhythms and Kundalini Yoga.




Pete Strong

Pete Strong a.k.a Mashy P has been a respected and influential community driver for social and environmental activism for the past 20 years. Pete knows too well the power of music to mobilise people and influence positive change. Front line protests, free party uprisings, warehouse, club and epic outdoor events have been his playground to push boundaries in innovative, genre-mashing music production.

Straddling the space where world folk and electronic bass music collide, Mashy P blends Balkan bass, Gypsy swing, Cumbia dub, Arabic techno and Electro-swing into a truly unique dance experience. A street level, can-do innovator, Pete is also the progenitor of the world famous wheelie-bin sound system! Be sure to stop in at Pueblo del Sol in the campground to say G'day.

"There will be many things that will distract you and challenge you; but you are vital for holding the energy field that stabilizes the planet. As you practice the principles of peace and bring forth this loving vibration into the world, you become the  change you wish to experience in the world. By staying in a loving, peaceful energy field, you have the ability to assist Earth and your species in being stable and coming through the challenges of transition."