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Hathor Nina


A cornucopia of creative collaboration, Hathor's HideOut is a devotional offering to Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of Love and Joy. Conceived by Living Essence and the architects at Lucid Space Design, Hathor's HideOut is 25m x 40m bamboo Forest containing climbable structures, giant sky reaching Triffids in an improvisational ritual theatre and performing arts playground. You are invited to make your offering to the Goddess of Love here.

The program is an absolute feast....




Ami Rose


Future Sound of Yoga kicks the morning into gear before workshops in fabric dying; bead making; hoola hooping; shibari rope tying; belly-dancing, staff twirling and other circus arts.... all to the groovin' sounds of the mainstage music action.

As sun begins to set, all manner of fairy folk come out to make their offering to the Goddess, a living breathing performing artist sitting atop a forest-bejeweled throne. Funny, seductive, exquisitely beautiful, emotive, sacred ritual theatre converges here, inviting you to be a part of it... come make your offering it the Goddess of Love...


"She has captured my heart in her embrace.
She makes all men turn their necks to look at her.
One looks at her passing by,
this one, the unique one. - "
- Love Poem from Ancient Egypt
Extract from a 3,000 year-old papyrus




Features include:




Dripping with Honey

Ami Rose

Nina Veronica

Good Circulation Performance Arts

The Luminescent Procession

The Electrofairies

Middle Kingdom - Slave to Love


Jungle Leopard



Nina Veronica

Nina snake web



Nina Veronica believes life is a dance. She is one of Sydney's unique & beautiful dancers who is passionate

Wolf-AcroAwesome web

about various cultural dance styles including hula, Jamaican dancehall, Brazilian, burlesque & bellydance. Dressed to dazzle and bless, Hathor Nina will grace the throne as the Goddess herself...





Seeing is believing with this killer new Acro show presented by the Acro-wolves... be prepard to be astonished!







Caroline Jungle Jumps



Jungle Leopard

A raw, grounded and down-to-earth expression of wilderness worship through dance, incorporating tribal samba, gypsy and burlesque wildnessCaroline Grandjean leopard !








Sydney's leading electro-gypsy circus arts crew, the Electrofairies bring colour and energy to this year's Subsonic incorporating lights, ribbons and fire. Working with juggle art toys including Hoop, Staff and Poi they bring excitement and a sense of the sacred in their offerings to Hathor, the Goddess of Love...

Electrofairies lights

Electrofairies fire fingers














The first time I experienced the true essence of Shibari was during a modeling shoot where I was embraced by rope and suspended face down. Letting go in to a deep trance, I felt an openess and freedom beyond the confines of my mind. Feeling what it was like to offer the physical self leaving me in a state of sweet surrendered bliss.... and so began my journey with the ancient Japanese art of rope bondage.

My passion is to create a safe and sacred space where trust, vulnerability and sensuality are weaved together in deep connective flow between myself and another. The rope as a physical medium for energy exchange whilst accentuating the curves and shape of the human form, creating a beautiful live sculpture.




Dripping with Honey

honeyVclub1webHoney is one of Sydney's unique belly dancer's and is known for her own style of belly fusion, which she calls 'Exotic Belly Dance'.

Exotic Belly is a fusion of Belly dance, Tribal Belly dance, Exotic/Burlesque, Hawaiian/Polynesian Hula, Dancehall & anything she has picked up and learned along the years of her dancing career. Honey's an extraordinary talent, and sexy as all get out to boot! Don't miss her show!



"People love chopping wood.  In this activity one immediately sees results."

- Albert Einstein -