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Acroyoga with YogaJoy
“The World is Your Playground “

With Zoe Braithwaite

Expanding your practice beyond the matt and into the world around you.

Wherever you are at on your Acroyoga journey, Yogajoy caters for you. Driven by the impulse to dissolve humanities separation and enhance connection, Zoe creates an opportunity to shift the way you relate to yourself and others.

Utilising the framework of group and partner balances, conditioning drills, games, partner lifts and release work, we experience ourselves as strong, open, playful, active co-creators of our magical reality. Expect to enjoy yourself in a very sacred and authentic way. Please leave your inhibitions at the door, hopefully they won’t be there when you leave!

Designed for the advanced practitioner, as well as those with little or no experience, Zoe offers regular classes, and introductory classes for adult and family friendly events.



"There will be many things that will distract you and challenge you; but you are vital for holding the energy field that stabilizes the planet. As you practice the principles of peace and bring forth this loving vibration into the world, you become the  change you wish to experience in the world. By staying in a loving, peaceful energy field, you have the ability to assist Earth and your species in being stable and coming through the challenges of transition."