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Vanessa BrettVanessa is an Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Meditation Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher, Medium and Empath.

Being able to see and hear spirit since she was born Vanessa can help others who may need to learn how to shut down, turn off and protect themselves and learn to work with spirit on their own terms. After taking her first Reiki attunement Vanessa's world changed as she knew it. The next day she had a small accident which broke her foot and suffered nerve damage. After the doctors telling her it may be a long time till she could fully function again due to the nerve damage Vanessa was forced to leave her current home and job and journey down to the south coast to take some time out.

After only a week of arriving in a slower paced environment Vanessa met a Reiki Master and after some time moved in together. This was a period of time where Vanessa trained in the healing art of Reiki for over a year.

Universally when Vanessa took her last Reiki Master attunement Vanessa's life had changed dramatically once again, she was made redundant from her career the very next day after leaving the meeting confused Vanessa checked her inbox and she had students messaging her that day asking to be taught the healing ways of Reiki.  It was time for her teaching journey to begin.

In the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney Vanessa now teaches Usui and Tibetan methods of the healing modality of Reiki, she also treats holsitically her patients and provides transformative meditation classes.  Vanessa provides a nurturing healing space for practitioners of all healing modalities such as Reiki and Ashanti every second Sunday.

Dedicated to her own personal journey that continually evolves, ​Vanessa now studies Homeopathy, Nutrition, Herbalism, Iridology and Nautropathy. With her own range of Homeopathy treatments, teas and holistic 100% natural and organic body products for the benefits of her clients are now available.

With a Holistic approach Vanessa integrates biomedicone and complementary medicine to address the life force flow through the body, mind and spirit of the whole person. This is an inegrative model based on holism and vitalism. This means that Vanessa incorporates addressing the person as a whole and the elements of their life that are in and out of balance and aims to address and rebalance the individual to reach a stage of harmony. This is done through a range of techniuqes sush as Reiki, Meditation, Shamanic, Transformative Processes, Crystals, Vibrational therapy and Ritual practices.  An ongoing treatment plan will be designed for the client to continue their own personal journey of optimal wellness and spiritual enlightenment.

Vanessa sits in mediumship and healing circles with the spiritualist church. She is the Marketing Director for  'Simple Love Advice' and 'Other' Magazine.

Vanessa Qualifications Include:


  • Reiki Master Teacher (Usui and Tibetan Methods)
  • BA in Business Marketing University of Technology Sydney
  • Currently -  BA in Natural Medicine - Nautropathy
  • Cert IV in Train the Trainer
  • Cert IV Personal Trainer


Transformative Meditation

When we are facing a personal problem or a block in our spiritual growth applying transformative Meditation helps to move past the issues by showing you what the underlying cause is and using energetic techniques to repair, rebuild and move on.


"Love does not consist in gazing into each other's eyes, but in looking together in the same direction."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (Aviator and author)