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Brett is the founder of Living Essence, and producer of the Village Program Director for the Subsonic Music Festival Village 2010 - 2013; and improvisational ritual theatre producer 2015-16 at that same event.

An entrepreneur by nature, Brett has been working in events, media, entertainment, technology, sustainability, social activism and community development sectors in a production and project management capacity for over 20 years both in Australia and abroad. Roles have included script writer (Channel [V]), strategic communications planner (Zenith Optimedia HK), Entertainment business lecturer at the JMC academy, and business development and marketing consultant / writer for small to multinational sized businesses and NGOs (Sumatran Orangutan Society, IDEP, Regeneration Culture Inc).

In his personal development, Brett has apprenticed under some great teachers, including the spiritual Master, Ratu Bagus; the sorceress, Shankari, and the mystic Shunyata. With a background in both Occidental and Oriental mysticism, Brett has sat in sacred ceremony countless times, studying and practicing a variety of authentic shamanic healing practices.

A keen futurist, Brett recognises innovation arises at the nexus of radically different ideas. Interests include the sacred arts, circus arts, technology, gemmology, human rights law, water dynamics, permaculture, biodynamics, carbon management and our human future. With 18 years in the Asia Pacific, Brett has a particular understanding of human culture. Brett has a blackbelt in Tae-Kwon-Do, has trained in Selat, Chi Gung, and circus skills; and has toured China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia as a performance artist.

Since returning to Australia, Brett has produced a stage show (Carlotta's KingsX) at the Big Top Luna Park, a NYE Gatecrasher tour, and worked as a business development consultant, project manager, producer and proposal writer on successful events, pitches and projects, including the co-development of a provisionally patented water saving device. Founding director of Living Essence, Brett has produced "the Living Essence Village" for the Subsonic Music Festival 2010 -  2012 (pax 2500), programming over 450 hours of diverse entertainment including aerial, cabaret, burlesque, bands, djs, multimedia and integrated spacial design incorporating intelligent lighting, video and performance.  Other projects have included co-facilitation at the Western Cape York Youth Summit (a 4 day residential retreat for 45 indigenous youth from 4 communities) during a 8 week post in the Indigenous community of Napranum.

A clever business analyst with a special talent for facilitating group process to optimise resources and outcomes for all stakeholders, Brett contracts as an enterprise development consultant and offer document writer for businesses seeking to raise $500K - $2 mill. Completing a double masters in International Relations and International Business, he has a diplomas in Project Management and Advertising, and a Cert IV in Carbon Management. A vigorous commentator on the necessity and associated challenges of living in a carbon constrained future, other projects have included media and campaign strategist for the NSW Industrial Hemp Association whilst Executive Director at WEFTS.

The intent in all Brett’s work is the exploration and realisation of a more mature humanity.

In Brett’s own words:

“Living Essence strikes the heart of your most perfect intention. To come into integrity and authenticity a little more each day, and participate pro-actively in your personal evolution, healing and happiness. Here at Living Essence, we invite the felt presence of immediate experience into all our initiatives, and invite you to participate in and share that experience. This includes helping you consciously create health and happiness within yourself, and making a positive contribution to the people in your home and work environments."

"A new, spiritually based social activism is beginning to assert itself. It stems not from hating what is wrong and trying to fight it, but from loving what could be and making the commitment to bring it forth."
-  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross -