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24 Short Form Yang Style
with Kenny Feather

Australian Ballet trained Kenny Feather is a Sydney based and well rounded performance artist. He has a background in choreography and dance after studying ballet at the Australian Ballet School. As a choreographer and dancer Feather has performed at venues such as State Theatre Sydney, Sydney Opera House, and The Australian National Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Entertainment centre Quang-Ju Korea. He has been choreographing his own works since 1997. In 1996 Feather started training in Tai Chi, to become the first master under Master William Ho, the president of the Australian and Chinese Tai Chi and Pa Kua Federation. Under the guidance of Master Ho, Kenny has taken on the challenge of promoting Tai Chi awareness.

In Kenny’s own words:
There are various paths or versions to Tai Chi ability. the style I have chosen to teach is Master William Ho’s Yang Style, which I believe is the most beautiful of choreography and one of the swiftest paths to martial ability.
In the 24 Short Form Yang Style Class, we will explore the natural forces within the body. The Yin and Yang, the Kan and Li. Forces and effects are simple yet profound, for instance Gravity, one of the teachers you will have to meet along the way.”


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