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If you’re looking to energise your life in a safe and supportive space, I invite you to try our small group yoga class. 
Joining a large yoga class when you are not familiar with the postures or are healing an injury, can be daunting and potentially harmful. At JustBreatheYoga, I offer a range of classes to ensure you receive the attention you need.

Classes begin on Friday 1st February.  Please read on for more details and don’t hesitate to call me if you’d like more information. Feel free to email this onto your friends, family and colleagues.


  • JustBreatheYoga classes are an invigorating vinyasa-style sequence that strengthens and tones your muscles, calms your mind and stimulates your whole being.
  • We work together to ensure that you honour your body – it’s strengths and weaknesses - to prevent injury and build stamina, balance and inner calm.
  • Group classes have no more than 10 students and thus allow you to benefit by drawing energy and vitality from others around you, while still receiving individual attention.
  • Private and small group classes (max 3) are tailored specifically to meet your needs and can be held at your home, office or the studio.


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